How To Treat Embarrassing Butt Rash At Home

Butt Rash

Butt Rash

Butt rash usually happens to babies because they wear diapers all day. But this is not only experienced by babies. This is also common to adults, for both men and women.


Butt rash is usually characterized by red patches, or sometimes pink sores that are itchy and painful. This gives uncomfortable feeling and the urge to scratch the affected part. Scratching this can make the condition worse and even make the sores bleed. It can lead to more serious problems or infection if not treated properly. There are several causes of this. It can be caused by yeast infection that is common to male and female, in which the penis or vagina swells or gets inflamed.

This can also be caused by bacteria on undergarments that are not properly washed, allergic reaction to fragrance used for vagina, sweating on the affected part and poor hygiene. For people with butt rash who are too embarrassed to consult a doctor, over the counter medicines for treating this type of rash can be used at home. These are usually creams and anti-bacterial ointments for removing infection as well as anti-itch medicine to prevent scratching the sores. Make sure to keep the affected area clean and comfortable for quick healing. Take a warm bath regularly and ensure to clean the rashes properly using mild soap or anti-bacterial soap. Don’t use fragrant soap to prevent allergies. Underwear should also be washed with mild fabric detergent. Dry the area properly before applying medication. It’s best to wear loose cotton to provide comfort on the buttocks. Avoid eating foods that can alleviate the swelling and itch. Observe which foods cause these to happen so you’ll know which foods you need to avoid eating.


Butt rash can also be caused by more serious diseases like HIV. If the problem persists after trying home remedies, it’s best to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis.


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